Audi A5 drop top in the works

The Audi A5 hit parade continues with speculation that a convertible is on the horizon, and since word of the drop-top comes from Audi officials, we think production looks like a pretty safe bet. Audi plans on going with a soft-top setup for the A5, even though VW has experience engineering retractable hard-tops in the form of the Eos. Considering that hard-tops add weight and complexity, that's a decision we're alright with.

The Car Connection is also reporting that an RS model is planned for the new A5 range. What this supposed RS5 would come equipped with in the engine department is up for speculation, but the smart money may be on the Lamborghini-sourced 5.2L V10 currently used in the S6.

Audi has already admitted that the A5 line is an integral part of its strategy over the next ten years. We'll reserve judgement until we get behind the wheel, but we like the choices so far.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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