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Porsche Cayenne phone looks worse than actual Cayenne

Even Porsche lovers will readily acknowledge that the Cayenne is far from being the most beautiful creations ever penned by Stuttgart, so why on earth would anyone want to mimic the shape in any form? Someone in Hong Kong evidently thought otherwise and produced this (hopefully) limited-edition Porsche Cayenne mobile phone.

In addition to its unfortunate and ridiculous appearance, this handset packs in dual-band GSM, a micro-SD card slot, and support for video and music playback. It'll cost you less than $200, plus any shred of good taste you might have retained if showing this unfortunate device off to your friends strikes you as a good idea.

This is why automakers license products and have input into their designs. Porsche is reportedly taking legal action against the manufacturer for copyright infringement, and we hope the automaker wins.

[Source: Engadget]

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