Spy Shots: New 2008 Accord spy photos

UPDATE: Things are back to normal at TOV, so the live link is back.
We just showed you a decent cell phone spy shot of Honda's new 2008 Accord Coupe, and we speculated that the professional carparazzi would be able to track one down soon to provide additional photos for our edification. Sure enough, we now have some genuine, professional spy shots in all their DSLR glory, and it's quite a selection. Brenda Priddy and crew captured all angles of Honda's new coupe, including the interior. The car is still wearing some light camo on the front and rear fascia and three quarter windows, but otherwise it is virtually naked.

What you can see looks a lot like the concept we saw in LA and Detroit. Compare the pics in our gallery to those at the Read link and you'll see a handsome coupe that has some upscale details and a fairly aggressive overall look, especially in those wheel arches that continue into the lower body styling front to rear in one continuous sweep.

Differences between the concept and production version appear to be minor. The grille appears more car-like, the exhaust tips have been made more practical, and there are different, but equally attractive wheels filling the fenderwells. This version is also sporting a trunklid spoiler and repositioned cyclops brakelight out back. With the still-partially-taped taillights, the rear almost looks like a Chrysler, and the front reminds some of a Scion tC, but when it finally emerges fully unclothed this fall, it should be a unique design. The partial interior shot shows a two-tone black over tan interior with a dash that looks rather similar to the current model.

Click the read link for half a dozen large photos at Temple of VTEC.

Thanks to shadow7 for the tip.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

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