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Spied! 2008 Honda Accord Coupe

Honda appears to be actively road testing on the upcoming Accord Coupe, and as these spy shots snapped by a poster on the Howard Forums show, the production car is going to be a near dead-ringer for the "concept" Honda teased us with at the Detroit Auto Show this past January. Obvious changes include a real-world lower rear fascia that features a pair of chrome exhaust tips, and the 10-spoke wheels seen above. The show car sported a set of integrated quad outlets that were obviously never going to make the transition to production. The dual outlets look perfectly good here.

If you click through to the forum to see the rest of the photos (all high-res), you'll notice that the front end, though taped, also apes the concept car. We're guessing that there's more detail to the bottom half of the front fascia than the Detroit car had (it was quite boring, actually). It's covered up in the photos, leading us to believe Honda's keeping something about it a secret. In any case, we like what we see, and if these cars are out and about, we're sure the pro photogs will be on the case as well in short order. let's see some interior shots!

You can compare the spy shots to the gallery of the Accord Coupe concept linked below.

[Source: Howard Forums vis The CarBlogger]
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