Now you see it, now you don't: Koenigsegg's transparent watch

You might have thought that building one of the very best-performing exotic supercars in the world would be enough to put a company like Koenigsegg on the map, but apparently no sportscar-maker has really made it until they've got their own laptop and wristwatch. Having already covered the former, the Swedish meisters of speed are taking the raps off their new range of timepieces.

Of course, Koenigsegg couldn't simply commission an ordinary wristwatch, slap on their logo and call it a day. Instead, Koenigsegg turned to Quinting, an exclusive Swiss watchmaker that produces completely unique transparent watches. We don't mean the case is transparent allowing you to see the movement; the movement itself is transparent, each component having been painstakingly crafted from fine-cut sapphire crystal.

For Koenigsegg, Quinting has created two unique timepieces, the Ghost chronograph and the Advance. Both are available only in limited quantities, and only to owners of Koenigsegg supercars, who can join the already-exclusive cadre of world presidents past and present who wear Quinting's innovative creations.

[Source: Sybarites and Cardisiac]

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