Could Porsche force VW to unload Lamborghini and Bugatti?

Is Volkswagen about to shed some supercars from its stable? It could be the case, if statements by Porsche boss/ VW supervisory board member, Wendelin Wiedeking, are taken seriously. When asked about the future Bugatti and Lamborghini within the Volkswagen Group, Wiedeking is quoted as saying "no toys anymore." Cash from the sale of these two exotic makers could help VW work on resurrecting restructuring its core Volkswagen brand, which would allow VW to reclaim its position as a true global player.

But it's not all about the Euros. Not surprisingly, it is reported that Wiedeking isn't too happy Porsche might occupy anything less than the top rung in the corporate hierarchy. Imagine Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo all in the same family – that might be a little awkward. And with a new Porsche supercar reportedly in the works designed to break the top speed record set by the Bugatti Veyron, it can only get worse. Throw in a Murcielago LP640 successor, and we think the sibling rivalry would turn to bloodshed.

Autocar is speculating that Lamborghini could be sold off, but that Bugatti might turn into little more than a coachbuilder. If the Veyron ends up making Bugatti a one-and-done automaker this go-around, we say job well done but hope there's more to come.

Though Wiedeking is a member of VW's supervisory board and his company does now own 31% of the VW Group, the question remains how much influence Porsche really has over the future of VW. German law in this regard is complicated, and as far as we can tell, beyond a voice on the board, Porsche can't do much at the moment to force the sale of Lamborghini and Bugatti, whether it wants to or not.

[Source: Autocar]

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