UK vehicle market continues to embrace diesels, supermins

New vehicle UK vehicle registrations in the first quarter of 2007 saw two green car increases. There were 264,186 new diesel vehicle registrations, an increase of 7.8 percent over 2006, and vehicles in the supermini category were up 6.6 percent. SMMT is the leading trade association for the motor industry in the UK, and the chief executive, Christopher Macgowan said that these numbers mean that, " fuel efficiency and greener motoring are now critical concerns for buyers."

The Ford Focus led the way for sales growth, as it was the best selling diesel model for March and the year-to-date.

An interesting graph was included with SMMT's sales report, called "Change in average new car CO2 emissions by segment, 2006 vs 1997." All vehicle categories (except one, Specialist Sports), now feature decreased emissions, with the average reduction almost 12 percent in the nine years. You can see the numbers here.

Visit SMMT to download the report.

[Source: SMMT]

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