Dennis Publishing acquires Octane magazine

In the ongoing struggle between magazines and websites, it should be immediately clear to anyone where we stand. With websites like ours getting constantly updated as the news emerges, magazines are increasingly becoming an outdated relic for delivering automotive news to enthusiasts (like yourself, reading this post).

There are, however, a few redeeming publications out there that deliver the kind of features that are best enjoyed in print, despite the stale news that precedes the juicy articles. Some of our favorite magazines come from across the pond, where members of the motoring press seem to have a better grasp of what makes for a quality publication. Among them are evo and Octane, two small-time magazines that consistently deliver quality content that rivals, if not exceeds, the offerings from the more established car mags on the news stand. (Check them out at your local magazine rack and you'll see what we mean.) evo consistently puts the most exciting cars through the paces while forgoing the boring minivan group tests, with a long-term test fleet that includes track cars and exotics. Octane, meanwhile, is a favorite of classic car enthusiasts and features regular columns from the likes of Jay Leno and Carroll Shelby alongside retrospectives and buying guides on the most iconic cars ever to grace asphalt.

Now these two quality publications will be coming under the same roof, as evo's parent Dennis Publishing has announced the acquisition of Octane Media. Dennis is an independent publishing house, where Octane joins its motoring division along with evo and Auto Express. The new synergy between these two top-drawer magazines should only help both continue to elevate the level of quality that will keep us reading even during those sad moments when we have to step away from our monitors.

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[Source: Dennis Publishing]


Dennis Publishing announces Octane magazine Acquisition

Monday, 2nd April 2007: Dennis Publishing has today announced the acquisition of Octane magazine and its accompanying website from Aspiration Holdings and the Octane Media group shareholders. The monthly classic car title will join Dennis' existing portfolio of printed motoring titles: Auto Express and evo.

Octane is a monthly classic car magazine that celebrates the world's greatest cars, the events and the personalities that surround them. The magazine places the readers' passion for classic cars at its heart and uses the highest quality design and photography throughout. Octane's current ABC is 28,751.

James Tye, CEO Dennis Publishing: "Octane makes perfect sense for Dennis Publishing. It's a high quality, fast growing title with a passionate and talented team running it. It fits neatly into our existing motoring portfolio and will strengthen Dennis' offering to both readers and advertisers."

Geoff Love, Managing Director Octane Media comments: "We are looking forward to joining the motoring portfolio of Dennis Publishing. We have long considered Dennis as a natural home for the title, and were delighted by their approach. This acquisition will provide the magazine expertise in areas that are important for the next stage in its development, with the partnership with evo in particular opening up many exciting possibilities!"

The editorial team will be headed up by Octane's current editor Robert Coucher and Managing Editor David Lillywhite, and will relocate to Dennis' satellite offices in Wollaston, near Wellingborough. Geoff Love will continue as Publisher of the magazine and Sanjay Seetanah stays as the Advertising Director.

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