More employers offering green-car incentives to workers

Local governments are seeing the benefit of purchasing vehicles with good gas mileage and alternative-fuel capability. Now they're trying to inspire their employees to purchase similar vehicles. The Los Angeles County Supervisors is working on a plan to encourage county workers to purchase hybrids or other high-mileage, low-emission vehicles. Ninety percent of the county's employees commute to work.
But while county leaders tout the benefits of a Toyota Prius, they are still driving Cadillacs, Chryslers and Buicks to work.

Commercial companies, universities and non-profit organizations are also developing incentives to promote green car purchases. Incentives usually involve cash payments for buying a particular vehicle. This money comes on top of any federal or state incentives or tax breaks. Other incentives include special parking or lower parking rates. Companies say incentives can also help boost employee moral and retention.

[Source: Ashley Surdin / Los Angeles Times]

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