The future of SVT is hinged to a new truck

The future of Ford's Special Vehicle Team has been cloudy for the past few years. The hope that it would remain around in some form or another took a hit when its current chief, Hau Thai-Tang, was tapped to head Ford of Brazil earlier this year. Nevertheless, SVT indeed soldiers on and today we have proof that they're hard at work on a new project.
Winding Road managed to corner Jamal Hameedi, Chief Nameplate Engineer at SVT, at a Ford event in Detroit this morning. Hameedi revealed to WR that nearly all of SVT's resources are busy developing a new truck, and by "truck" he means a "body-on-frame" vehicle. Thus, whether it's a new F-150 Lightning or possibly a different F-Series model, an Explorer, Expedition or Ranger is unkown.

So, no Ford Taurus SHO developed by SVT or SVT Fusion. This kind of makes sense if one considers that the Lightning was supported throughout SVT's reign of terror in the '90s. Hameedi is reportedly extremely excited about the project, saying the finished product "...will blow your mind."

The performance truck world just got two shots of adrenalin in the form of the F-150 Foose Edition that will debut at the New York Auto Show next week and the Saleen S331 Sport Truck. If the new SVT truck will truly blow our minds, the bar is already set pretty high.

[Source: Winding Road]

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