Cuban President Fidel Castro slams the U.S. for their use of ethanol

So, it turns out that the debate on whether ethanol is a good or bad alternative fuel stretches not just across our readership, the the whole world. That is the argument being made by Cuban President Fidel Castro. Castro writes in an article published in Cuban state media on Thursday that the use of food crops for fuel use is robbing many developing countries of nourishment. Instead of using corn, sugar cane or any other food crop for fuel use, Castro would rather see the U.S. and the rest of the world reduce their use of energy in general, for instance, he suggests stopping the use of incandescent light bulbs in favor of fluorescent.

Castro does not like the U.S. using its own corn or foodstocks for ethanol, but he also does not like the U.S. paying other countries for theirs either. He would rather see the corn or sugarcane that the U.S. or Brazil may use for fuel used for food for smaller developing countries. Comments, questions or snide remarks are, as always, welcome.

[Source: Monsters and Critics]

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