AFVI Show: alternative fuel rental cars available in/near LA

We've mentioned all of these green car rental companies before, but this is the perfect time to recap, what with the Anaheim Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo starting Sunday. If any of our readers will be traveling to the LA-area for the event (or any time), consider this a heads-up that you can drive an alternative-fuel car during your stay.

The AFVI conference support crew sent out an email listing three green rental companies: Bio-Beetle, Fox Rent-A-Car and EV Rental Car. If you're signed up for the conference, you can get a discount at the latter two. I've put the contact info for these companies after the jump.

Also, check out my story on the Maui Bio-Beetle experience.

[Source: AFVI]
  • Bio-Beetle (Biodiesel Jettas and Beetle – 8-10 cars total). 877-873-6121. Cars available at: Los Angeles Airport.
  • FOX Rent-A-Car (hybridsHighlander, Escape, Camry, Honda, Prius). or 800-225-4369. Cars available at: Los Angeles Airport, Orange County Airport and San Diego Airport.
  • EV Rental Car (partners with FOX Rent-A-Car, offers hybrids). 877-EV-RENTAL. Cars available at: Los Angeles Airport and San Diego Airport

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