Green rental car options increase

When you leave home for vacation, it’s getting easier bring your green car ethics with you. Once focused more on southwestern states, the green car rental concept has moved a bit north. The (Oregon) Albany Democrat-Herald reports that Enterprise Rent-A-Car now has five biodiesel vehicles in its Portland fleet. The cars are five Jeep Liberties that will run on B20. The Liberties still use 80-percent standard diesel, so they’re not as impressive as the fleet of Bio-Beetle New Beetles (and other car models) available in Los Angeles and on Maui. Bio-Beetles’ New Beetles run on B100 and are part of Bio-Beetles’ eco-conscious business practices. Other eco-rental agencies include Fox Rent-a-Car, which offers hybrids at some airports in California, Nevada and Arizona and EV Rental, also located in those three states. If you don’t have a green car at home, rentals might be the perfect way to test out whether a biodiesel or hybrid car is right for you.
 [Source: Albany Democrat-Herald]

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