When you leave home for vacation, it’s getting easier bring your green car ethics with you. Once focused more on southwestern states, the green car rental concept has moved a bit north. The (Oregon) Albany Democrat-Herald reports that Enterprise Rent-A-Car now has five biodiesel vehicles in its Portland fleet. The cars are five Jeep Liberties that will run on B20. The Liberties still use 80-percent standard diesel, so they’re not as impressive as the fleet of Bio-Beetle New Beetles (and other car models) available in Los Angeles and on Maui. Bio-Beetles’ New Beetles run on B100 and are part of Bio-Beetles’ eco-conscious business practices. Other eco-rental agencies include Fox Rent-a-Car, which offers hybrids at some airports in California, Nevada and Arizona and EV Rental, also located in those three states. If you don’t have a green car at home, rentals might be the perfect way to test out whether a biodiesel or hybrid car is right for you.
 [Source: Albany Democrat-Herald]

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