Silverado Green Fuel is creating liquid coal fuel for cars at half the cost of oil

Coal is a dirty word. Coal is also a four letter word. That is never going to change, or is it? If Silverado Green Fuels has its way, it just might. I don't have a great understanding of coal power to begin with, and reading this information didn't help too much. But, from what I can tell, the reason they are referring to this as a green fuel is that the fuel burns clean, giving a "carbon burnout of over 99%", as opposed to 97 percent for standard coal in their tests. Additionally, the fuel is cheap, because they are able to use a type of coal previously unwanted. The coal they use contains much higher concentrations of water than more desirable coal types, and the water is reused in the making of the liquid fuel. It appears that the main use of this "Greenfuel" is for burners set up to use coal gasification. I will take a "wait and see" attitude towards this new fuel, but if what they are claiming is true, the U.S. in particular could gain much from the use of this new fuel source.

The company has set up operations in Mississippi and has begun building a plant in that state. The Department of Defense plans to purchase fuel from this new plant, and the Department of Energy is keeping tabs on their progress.

[Source: Silverado Green Fuels via]

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