It's a mad world: $197,000 Mini

The world's most expensive original Mini, which has only 4,825 miles on the odometer, has been sold at auction for an amazing $197,000. The original Mini had great fuel economy and classy styling, but this one of a kind Mini is a bit of a racing legend. In 1965 this exact Mini won Britain's RAC rally. A year later, the little Mini that could topped all comers in the Scottish Rally.

After 30 years of being left alone, the vehicle was extensively restored, with great care taken to nail every original detail. The Mini, which has been on the show circuit for the past 10 years, can still sing a beautiful song at 8,000 RPM. We've seen some crazy things sold for a lot more than $197,000, so a racing legend Mini with 4,825 miles of rally heritage doesn't seem like such a nutty thing.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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