Bush's green car week, Day 2 - USPS hybrid and more

In the transcript of the press briefing by Dana Perino we linked to yesterday in the post on President Bush's meeting with the CEOs of the Big 3, the White House spokesperson started talking about the meeting but the questions quickly turned to news of Alberto Gonzales and the ongoing US attorneys general firing scandal. The White House had one narrative, certain reporters had another. That's a good way to understand the gist of this AP piece that criticizes the president for focusing on "switchgrass and wood chips" in the face of all this political fallout.
But we like it when the President talks about greener driving because it gives us a chance to once again take the (often ethanol-fueled) pulse of the administration and let our readers comment on the direction the government is headed RE biofuels and hybrids, hydrogen and petroleum.

So, after meeting with the Big 3 CEOs yesterday, Bush spent part of the morning today looking at alternative fuel vehicles, mostly delivery vehicles from the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. It's not like there was any new developments announced at the event, just a chance for Bush to talk up alternative fuels, which he did. For two minutes.

Oh, and about that scandal...

[Source: Domestic Fuel, AP]

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