2008 Ford Crown Victoria to be fleet-only, new features offered for police version

Over at The Blue Oval Forums, the new vehicle inventory manager for Hamden, CT's Bob Thomas Ford posted word that the ordering guide for the '08 Crown Vic came in and the car is now only available to fleets. This is good news for taxi/limo companies, government users and police departments, who are guaranteed at least one more year of the car in its current form. If you wanted to buy an '08, you're outta luck, however. Fret not, as used (and identical-looking) ones are not hard to come by. We'd be looking for a retired police car, ourselves.

Speaking of the police, the '08 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has a few new features for the upcoming model year. The 4.6L V8 is flex-fuel compatible and will run on E85, a tire pressure monitoring system is now standard equipment, and remote keyless entry is now offered as an option. According to a poster on CrownVic.net, the cops won't be ordering Driftwood Beige cars any longer (good for us, because we find the beige cars to be essentially invisible when parked roadside), and 3.55 gears will not be available on 50-state-emissions-legal cruisers. Other than that, the cars are the same as they've been for many years.

We haven't heard anything regarding the Vic's sister sled, the Mercury Grand Marquis, so tell grandma and grandpa not to worry themselves just yet. Meanwhile, at Ford dealerships, salesmen will be happy to show you a shiny new Taurus in lieu of the Crown Vic. It's worth noting that when Ford consigned the last-gen Taurus to fleet sales only, it essentially marked the car's death knell since it was discontinued completely the following year. As such, we could finally be witnessing the beginning of the end of the Crown Victoria as we know it.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip!

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