Polo BlueMotion will shuttle music stars around at ECHO music awards in Berlin

102 Polo BlueMotions (actually, it's probably Polos BlueMotion, isn't it?) served as shuttles at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. This weekend, 50 of the low-emission vehicles will tool around Berlin in support of the ECHO music awards. The German music awards take place Sunday.
While the car is cool (readers should be familiar with the 102 g/km CO2 stats - if not, see the links below), the best group of musicians that VW names in the press release as someone who will ride in a Polo BlueMotion this weekend is Simply Red. The car of the future, driven by the pop stars of the past.

Slightly more exciting is the exclusive Polo "First Act," developed by the Sound Foundation Polo, that will have its world premiere at the ECHO awards. This "Volkswagen Individual" vehicle features a 70-watt amplifier under the glove compartment.

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[Source: VW]

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