Pictures of the Polo BlueMotion going to rock the UK with 72.4 mpg and 102 g/km CO2

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Volkswagen's efficient diesel technology, BlueMotion, will be coming to the UK later this summer in a Polo. As we wrote about the other day, the Passat BlueMotion will be unveiled in Geneva next month. Even though SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said the other day that consumers don't want to buy cars with emissions below 120 g/km, the Polo BlueMotion spits out just 102 g/km with its official mileage rating of 72.4 mpg. You think no ones going to want to buy this car?

We've mentioned the Polo BlueMotion a few times before, but now we've got nice, shiny pictures, so we're bringing it up again. Plus, 72.4 mpg. C'mon.

You know the drill. Press release after the jump, high-res photos in the gallery. The images are downloadable for your personal use.

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[Source: Volkswagen]

BlueMotion represents the most efficient and economical vehicle in each of Volkswagen's car ranges. Set to make its debut on the Polo, the BlueMotion brand will soon expand with the announcement that the Passat BlueMotion is to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Applied to the Polo, BlueMotion comprises modifications to an already efficient diesel engine mated to a low kerb weight, improved aerodynamics and longer gearing. The result is an official fuel consumption figure of over 72 mpg, a potential range in excess of 700-miles and a mere 102 g/km of CO2.

The Polo BlueMotion throws efficiency into sharp focus. At its heart is an advanced 80 PS 1.4-litre, three-cylinder TDI engine fitted with electronically controlled, high-pressure direct injection. A variable geometry turbocharger is added to provide high levels of torque from just above idling speeds and improve responses. The modifications increase the engine's output and overall efficiency to allow greater performance while simultaneously using less fuel.

Continuing the theme are the Polo BlueMotion's external modifications. Evolved through work in the wind tunnel the unique alterations improve aerodynamic efficiency. Function effectively dictates the Polo's form. A unique front bumper sits below a re-designed grille section to reduce drag. At the rear a pronounced spoiler mounted on the trailing edge of the rear window smoothes airflow further. Finally, a set of 14-inch 'Jerez' lightweight alloy wheels sit at each corner fitted with 165/70 tyres that reduce rolling resistance. In total the Polo BlueMotion weighs 1,084 kg.

The weight saving measures don't come at the expense of safety or comfort. The Polo BlueMotion is fitted with twin front and side airbags for the driver and front seat passenger, ABS with brake assist and ISOFIX preparation as standard. Fresh, colourful new fabrics and finishes unique to the Polo BlueMotion join the cool blue interior lighting to help distance it further from the standard car. The simple, concise dials are intersected by a multifunction computer behind a chunky four-spoke steering wheel. A radio CD player is joined by speed sensitive power steering and central locking.

Despite its keen focus on efficiency the Polo BlueMotion remains a usable everyday car. It will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 12.8 seconds before reaching a maximum of 109 mph all while returning an official 102 g/km of CO2 and a potential combined fuel consumption figure of 72.4 mpg. By virtue of its 45-litre fuel tank the Polo BlueMotion is granted a range in excess of 700-miles, making the trip from London to the south coast of France possible using only a single tank of diesel.

The Polo BlueMotion is set to arrive in the UK this summer with prices due to be announced closer to launch.

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