Not all resale values are created equal

Buying a new car or truck can be a very expensive endeavor. Style, safety, and reliability are usually at the top of shopper's lists, but the one area that will get you in the end is the all-important resale value.

Some vehicles, like the Honda Odyssey, hold their value extremely well, even after five years. Owners of the Dodge Caravan aren't nearly as lucky, with resale values after half a decade of ownership at a paltry 24-percent of the sticker. As Forbes' Dan Leinert points out, however, the Caravan actually scores quite well in JD Powers studies, so the horrendous resale value can be accounted for when considering the large incentives that are used to move hundreds of thousands of Dodge minivans off dealer lots.

Most of the other vehicles on the list have either gone a really long time without an update, like the Crown Victoria, or are just plain lousy vehicles, like the Kia Amanti. Either way, if your vehicle appears on the "Losing Value List," we'd suggest you hold onto it -- for a while.

You can see the list of the biggest losers after the jump.

[Source: Forbes]

Biggest Depreciatiators over 5 years

Buick Ranier - 26%
Dodge Caravan - 24%
Dodge Durango - 23%
Ford Crown Victoria - 22%
Ford E-Series - 23%
Kia Amanti - 27%
Kia Spectra - 27%
Mercury Grand Marquis - 23%

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