Taking a ride on the medical Canni-Bus

Picture it: you're a police officer on traffic patrol in an urban setting. Your patrol car is cleverly hidden within a dimly-lit side street, and you're holding your radar gun to gauge the speed of passers-by. Then you see a white GMC Express commercial van driving in the left-hand lane. The vehicle isn't speeding. Quite the opposite, the white van is going 10 mph under the speed limit. The driver of the white van appears to be pre-occupied with large quantities of fast food. Then you see it, a billboard-sized "Legalize Medical Marijuana" sign adorns the sides of the vehicle. You flip the lights pull the guy over.

That's the danger for a guy named Noel every time he gets in his van. Noel's transportation is a mobile billboard for the legalization of medical Marijuana. Noel began his quest to have medical marijuana legalized after he was in a motorcycle accident that put him in a wheel chair. Noel was fed-up with the long line of expensive and potentially harmful medications that were used to ease his pain when, he felt good ole Marijuana would work even better.

Besides driving the "world famous" marijuana van, Noel also has a website, cleverly titled grassynoel.org, dedicated to marijuana awareness. The site has many different uses for the "weed" plant, including using the stalk to produce diesel fuel at a reported $.40 per gallon. Our compadre's over at Autoblog Green would be interested in checking out that little factoid since they are already studying the idea of "Hemp as fuel."

We don't have a stance on the "legalize medical Marijuana" debate, but we're pretty sure we'd be okay with $.40 per gallon weed-diesel, as long as it doesn't make the engine lazy or give it the munchies.

[Source: Madwhips.com]

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