Toyota offers Tundra deal to dealers

At the risk of piling on, we bring you more news from the Toyota Tundra camp. Earlier this month Toyota told dealers they would be allowed up to $1,500 in incentives on the base-model Tundra in an effort to take some market share from the Big 2.5. Now, ToMoCo is offering Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Hino Motors Ltd. truck dealers $2,000 toward the purchase of a B-cab Tundra.

In the past, dealers had to go through "channels" to acquire such vehicles, but in addition to the cash, the new program is apparently intended to allow dealers to skip some of the red tape.

Should it be necessary to offer incentives to your dealers to buy the very product you're trying to sell? With more than 1,200 dealers, sales numbers wouldn't spike all that much, actually. But the image boost of all those shiny new Tundras would surely be a plus. Maybe Toyota should also consider offering special incentives to the behind-the-scenes crews of its commercials and, what the heck, those NHTSA workers too. Couldn't hurt.

[Source: AP via]

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