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Ford trucks show up in Tundra commercial

Working as an extra in a movie shoot, you get to see all that goes into making a film, like how many people it takes to do all the hard, dirty, back-breaking work. Then, the star shows up at the last possible minute, the cameras roll, and movie magic is made. Then the star leaves and those same behind-the-scenes people get to clean up the set, go home and have a beer.

Toyota recently let its Web site visitors see the making of their see-saw Tundra commercial. You've seen it. Tundra pulls massive load up a ramp, ramp teeters over, Tundra stops massive load on the other side. The making-of video shows those little people working their butts off and the Tundra showing up for its action shot. Some of those hard-working little people, apparently, drive Ford trucks.

Robert Schoenberger at The Courier-Journal tried to reach officials at Toyota for comment, but his calls "were not immediately returned." Really?

This is actually the second time something like this has happened to Toyota, the first being when it was noticed the Tundra's new assembly plant in San Antonio, Texas was populated with F-150 work trucks during construction.

See the video here.

[Source: Courier-Journal]

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