Edmunds says now is the time to buy a hybrid

Even though Toyota's hybrids no longer qualify for the top tax credit in the U.S. (not that they need it), Edmunds.com is saying that now is the time to buy a hybrid, any hybrid, in America. Just-Auto says Edmonds' reasons are:
  • Hybrid prices are at their lowest level in years, in part because incentives are finally being offered on certain makes/models.
  • The aforementioned tax credits, some of which run out later this spring.
  • Gas prices have started their annual summer rise.
  • HOV lane accessibility, insurance discounts, and free in some areas.
I can't help but notice that all four of these reasons relate to money (as opposed to, say, emissions levels). But I suppose the emissions issues are constant, whereas the money savings are dramatically higher now than at other times. What do you think? Is this the perfect storm for hybrid sales? Are you ready to bite?

[Source: Just-Auto (subs req'd)]

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