Gas prices already heading up. Is summer coming early this year?

On NPR's All Thing's Considered this afternoon, one of the pieces was on the increasing gas prices, and how the upward trend is happening about three weeks earlier than is common for the summer spike. This article, from the San Francisco Gate/AP, says since crude oil is back up to over $60 a barrel, gas prices, particularly in California and Hawaii, are starting to top $3-a-gallon, and the AP found drivers across the country who are taking the bus or thinking about starting to research hybrid vehicles (to you, we extend a warm welcome on AutoblogGreen).

This is how Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for the Oil Price Information Service, colorfully described the upcoming gas price situation to the AP: "The West Coast will certainly be the wild, wild West this year," and "In the rest of the country it's just petro-noia. They're worried that they won't have enough gasoline. But on the West Coast the concern might be warranted."

The AP writers spoke to other analysts who also said that $3 gas will come to the rest of the country later in the summer. What's it like in your part of the world?

[Source: AP]

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