Double-O Uh-Oh! Ford forced to yank "Casino Royale" ad for Focus

We bring you yet another example of people getting bent out of shape over what appears to us as innocuous advertising. This time it's Ford of Europe, which has been running a commercial for its Focus Zetec Climate model using clips from the movie Casino Royale. As we all know, Ford had great product placement in the new Bond flick, which featured Aston Martin's new DBS as 007's main ride, as well as a new Ford Mondeo as his rental car of choice. Unfortunately, some people complained that this new commercial is misleading, insinuating by association that the Focus Zetec Climate appeared in Casino Royale, which they reason would make it more attractive to some.

If you buy a car because you think it's in a movie that you obviously haven't even seen, then you're a piss poor shopper. Though most consumers aren't that dumb, Ford has been ordered by the Advertising Standards Agency to quit running the commercial just in case someone out there believe Bond rolls in a Focus. Sigh.

You can see if the commercial is misleading for yourself after the jump.

[Source:, Carscoop]

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