For the man who has everything: Dodge Viper with matching helicopter

There's no shortage of crossover between the aerospace and automobile industries, with carmakers regularly borrowing ideas from airplanes. Car manufacturers like BMW, Mitsubishi, Saab and Rolls Royce all have roots in building airplanes, but the Dodge Viper? Sure, Carroll Shelby, on whose Cobra the Viper was modeled, used to be a fighter pilot, as was Bob Lutz, but that's still a bit of a stretch. Aerospace retrofitters Northwest Helicopters took a shot at bridging (or at least flying over) the divide with a big ol' Huey painted to match the company owner's Viper SRT/10 coupe.

The firm was reportedly fixing up the chop-lifter for a show and was looking for a way to get it noticed. After driving around car lots looking for the most vibrant of tints, they decided to go with Viper Racing Yellow, and painted the helicopter to match, complete with silver stripes.

The chopper was apparently a big hit at the show, and the owner is undoubtedly the only one to have matching Huey and Viper. (Sure beats matching luggage.) One big difference between the two, aside from the obvious: take a close look a the picture and you'll notice the M60-D cannon mounted to the side of the helicopter, something you're not likely to see on a Viper (unless, of course, Dodge steps in for Aston Martin in the next Bond film).

Thanks for the tip, Dave!


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