20 percent of UK driving on under-inflated tires

The Bridgestone study we told you about the other day found that almost all (90 percent) of the cars the company checked throughout the EU had under-inflated tires. Yesterday, Kwik-fit, the European automotive parts, repair and replacement specialist, says that one in five UK motorists are driving on those self-same under-inflated tires. Why the huge difference in results? I have no idea.
Unlike Bridgestone, Kwik-Fit mentions the under-inflated numbers in terms of possible tire failures like blowout or tread damage. But low pressure also leads to worse MPG, and therefore increased CO2 emissions. It's strange how some people will spend thousands on a hybrid system to increase their mileage, while others will let something as simple as tire pressure decrease their MPG. What I'd like to see is a survey from Kwik-Fit or Bridgestone or someone showing the number of underinflated tires sitting under hybrid vehicles. Anyone out there have information like that?
[Source: Kwik-Fit]

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