Forum busts hit and run RSX

Take one part Acura RSX, add two parts moron, a pinch of speed, whoops, too much! Crashing into someone and speeding away is a bad idea in any case, but with the internet shrinking the globe, it's especially dumb now. Members of Canada's automotive forums came to the rescue of a Mercedes driver that absorbed the kinetic energy these young knuckleheads didn't manage to scrub off in time. A quick thinking forum member just happened to be right there with his DSLR and monster lens and snapped several nice, clear pictures of these jerks zipping away from the scene. member three33 created a post asking others to be on the lookout for a silver RSX that'd cracked up his buddy's car. In a masterstroke of serendipity, fellow forum member CalgaryDave (whose pix show up on Beyond as his friend TypeS - long story, explained here with more details) was just a little further back. Thinking quickly, CalgaryDave hopped out into the street and captured incriminating evidence that removes any chance of lying your way out of it. PWNED. Don't mess with the internet.

Thanks for the tip, Bocho!

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