Brit town protests "Stornoway Grey" Land Rovers

Would you feel offended if an automaker named a car color after your town? Would it make any difference if the color was gray? Land Rover decided to call one of its newer silvery gray colors "Stornoway Grey." It's a pretty nice color, and gray/silver is one of the most popular colors available, so it is a bit of a surprise that officials from the town of Stornoway rang up Land Rover saying it should change the name post haste. Representing Stornoway, Western Isles councillor, Angus Nicolson, feels the name might harm the town's image because tourists might make the association between "gray" and "dull" or "boring." He thinks "Silvery Stornoway" has a nicer ring to it.

In response, Land Rover has said that Stornoway Grey is one of its best-selling colors and that using the name is keeping Stornoway on the map, so to speak. The automaker thinks using the name actually keeps people aware of the town. Go figure. Next up, the people of Rimini insist that they are not communists, Buckingham that they're a happy lot, Tonga that they are not envious, and Java that they drink beverages other than coffee. Click here to figure out what all this means.

[Source: BBC]

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