Would you ride a Harley if you didn't need to change gears? Good news then!

There are certain individuals who just refuse to use a clutch. We told you a little while back that automatic gearboxes are becoming the shifting method of choice all around the world. And now, if you'd like to save some gas and lower your emissions by riding a motorcycle, but you don't want to operate the clutch and shifter, you have got options.

Don't forget, too, that the market for scooters has heated up lately. Scooters hold out the advantage to some of not shifting, as they have CVT, or continuously variable transmissions. The Ridley motorcycle line uses this same type of transmission. But, what if you really wanted to be "bad to the bone" and only a Harley will do? Good news, then. A company, Walters MFG, has created a conversion kit that allows you to replace the Harley's gearbox with a three-speed automatic transmission, complete with a torque converter. These transmissions are very much like the transmissions sold in most passenger cars. So, now you can go right from your scooter up to a big Harley and never learn to use a clutch lever!

By the way, if you are really considering this, you won't be able to use a Sportster or a VRSC model Harley, because the engines and gearboxes are in one unit. You must choose a Harley with an engine and a gearbox. Just thought you should know.

[Source: Walters Manufacturing via The Kneeslider]

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