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All the weird ways you can shift an automatic

Buttons. Rotary knobs. Column stalks. Glowing orbs. Monostable joysticks. Telepathy?

Toyota sells fewer and fewer manual transmissions — here's how many fewer

It's automatic for the people

It's automatic for the people.

Ford passes on GM's 9-speed automatic transmission

Ford says efficiency gains don't justify added cost and weight

Ford and General Motors signed an agreement five years ago to jointly develop nine- and 10-speed automatic transmissions as a way to lower costs and achieve higher fuel economy amid tightening federal rules. But now, Ford is saying no thanks to the nine-speed box developed by its crosstown rival.

Honda patents 11-speed, three-clutch transmission in the name of fuel economy

It would one-up Ford and GM’s 10-speed auto.

More is always better, right?

10-speed automatic could be coming in 2018 Ford Mustang

Forum post shows transmission in dealer system.

A Mustang web forum offers further evidence to the speculated spread of Ford's 10-speed automatic to the Blue Oval's pony car.

Men are giving up on manual gearboxes quicker than women

A new study shows that far fewer people are ordering manual gearboxes on leased vehicles, and the drop even more pronounced among men.

BMW says no more manuals, M cars capped at 600 hp

BMW might abandon manual transmission for its M models, and the division could cap power to 600 hp for future vehicles.

Ford files patent for 11-speed transmission

Ford has filed a patent for an 11-speed automatic transmission and has outlined three ways of making it work.

Shifter made from light switches is less batty than it sounds

When Skynet becomes self aware and takes control of all the autonomous cars and The Internet of Things and anything else with a computer, the resistance movement will want to track down guys like YouTube user Dan Mann for lessons in post-apocalyptic living. Mann has a 1979 Chevy C30 dually, and its SM465 manual transmission didn't agree with a herniated disk in his back. So he grabbed a General Motors 4L

Fiat 500 Abarth to get automatic transmission option

Boo and hiss all you want, but the truth is that manual transmissions aren't for everybody. When Fiat launched the hot little 500 Abarth last year, it did so with a five-speed manual as the only transmission available, but according to Ward's Auto, that might change.

Land Rover bringing world's first nine-speed automatic transmission to Geneva

Among the future shocks to be shown at the rapidly approaching Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover will be displaying a nine-speed transmission it has been working with ZF to develop. Engineered for transverse – read: usually front-wheel drive – applications, the ZF 9HP will replace the six-speed transmission in the Evoque come 2014.

ZF CEO cites 9 speeds as "natural limit" for transmissions

How many is too many? When you're talking the number of ratios offered in automatic transmissions, it seems the industry is always interested in adding one more gear; four-speeds turned into five, then six, seven and now eight. Where will it all end? According to Stefan Sommer, CEO of transmission maker ZF, nine is the ultimate endgame.

Ford, GM co-developing 9- and 10-speed gearboxes

The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and Ford with partner with General Motors on new transmission technology. Has anyone dusted off that old Mayan calendar lately? We're not sure that a Ford/GM tech share speaks to the end of days, but we're not ruling it out, either.

ZF boss says transmission gear count one-upsmanship nearing end

Remember the Powerglide? An automatic with two forward speeds, it's almost inconceivable today that such a transmission was ever state of the art. Why, we've heard plenty of grumbling from the peanut gallery about Honda and its continued widespread use of a five-speed automatic when most of the rest of the world is offering six speeds. And then there are those carmakers engaging in the mine-is-bigger-than-yours battle of transmissions that resulted i

2012 Chevrolet Sonic Turbo now available with six-speed automatic

In an effort to appeal to a much wider range of shoppers, Chevrolet has announced that its turbocharged Sonic models will now be available with a six-speed automatic transmission. Up until now, manual-averse customers were stuck with the 1.8-liter naturally aspirated inline-four – by our opinion, the worse of the two engines offered in the Sonic.

Hyundai working on fuel-saving 10-speed automatic

What's eight plus two? If you guessed ten, then you'd be right. As in, right on the mark in answering a related question: How many forward gears will Hyundai's next-generation automatic transmission feature?

Lamborghini ditching manual transmissions

Lamborghini is apparently chomping at the bit to say arrivederci to the manual transmission. Motor Trend had a chance to speak with Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini's R&D director, and it appears that a manual gearbox doesn't fit into the automaker's plans for

Schaeffler develops seamless stop-start system for automatic transmissions

German-based Schaeffler Group, a leading supplier of torque converters, says that it has developed an easily integrated stop-start system for vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. According to Schaeffler, fitting a slushbox with stop-start tech is difficult because the torque converter between the engine and trans is always engaged. However, Schaeffler claims it has designed a permanently engaged starter that transforms the torque converter into, as Eric Loveday

Greenlings: Why do automatic transmissions now get better fuel efficiency than manuals?

Why do automatic transmissions now get better fuel efficiency than manuals?

Not so long ago, it was common for automatic transmissions to be referred to as slushboxes, since that's how they often behaved. Rather than use a mechanical clutch, traditional automatic transmissions use a fluid coupling between the engine and the gear-sets to transmit drive torque. This provides some benefits, but isn't a perfect system.

Funny Car Commercial of the Day: A good reason for an automatic

Mazda offers a good reason to choose an automatic – Click above to watch the video after the break

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