Spy Shots: Even better view of '08 Cadillac STS

After being floored by how good the Cadillac CTS looked and felt in Detroit, we can't wait to see how the upcoming '08 STS will turn out, as well. With similar styling upgrades promised (foreshadowed by the new SLS), the STS could finally come closer to the performance and sophistication of its identified European competitors like the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Thanks to BusinessWeek, we already know the interior will be a huge improvement. Lifted from the Chinese market long-wheelbase SLS, it looks polished and well-laid-out. And now we have a better look at how the exterior is shaping up, as well. KGP caught one in the wild and a nearly naked one at that. You can see the whole handsomely slab-sided flank from chrome fender vent to unadorned tail in the photo. It also sports different wheels and a shrouded, but noticeably different nose, as well. Look closely and you'll see a sharply detailed grille very similar to the on the new CTS.
[Source: LLN]

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