Rob Eshman is editor of the Jewish Journal and decided he'd rather enrich Midwestern corn-oil sheiks than Saudi princes. So he purchased a late-model VW Passat diesel wagon and fills it with only 100 percent biodiesel. Eshman was a fan of Tom Vilsack's ideas to reduce America's dependency on foreign oil, but the governor is no longer a candidate for Democratic presidential nod. Eshman says depending on so much Middle Eastern oil endangers Israel, and burning oil in general contributes to global warming. He noted that following a sermon by a local Rabbi who urged his followers to drive hybrids, about 50 families traded in their luxury vehicles for a Prius. This is an important issue to the Jewish community, and Eshman is certainly taking a proactive direction in spreading the message. He even posted a video on YouTube showing him filling up his wagon and mixing a biodiesel cocktail to demonstrate that the fuel is harmless.

[Source: Rob Eshman / Jewish Journal]

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