Jewish owner of Passat TDI wagon drinks biodiesel martini to celebrate kicking the oil habit, protecting his homeland

Rob Eshman is editor of the Jewish Journal and decided he'd rather enrich Midwestern corn-oil sheiks than Saudi princes. So he purchased a late-model VW Passat diesel wagon and fills it with only 100 percent biodiesel. Eshman was a fan of Tom Vilsack's ideas to reduce America's dependency on foreign oil, but the governor is no longer a candidate for Democratic presidential nod. Eshman says depending on so much Middle Eastern oil endangers Israel, and burning oil in general contributes to global warming. He noted that following a sermon by a local Rabbi who urged his followers to drive hybrids, about 50 families traded in their luxury vehicles for a Prius. This is an important issue to the Jewish community, and Eshman is certainly taking a proactive direction in spreading the message. He even posted a video on YouTube showing him filling up his wagon and mixing a biodiesel cocktail to demonstrate that the fuel is harmless.

[Source: Rob Eshman / Jewish Journal]

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