Geneva Motor Show: It's a matte world

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This year's Geneva Motor Show brought even more matte finish to the party and after discussing the trend with a few of our colleagues, we determined that the bubble is reaching critical mass and will soon burst in a pseudo-rat rod colored explosion.

Several examples were available to prove our point, but the three that caught the attention of our shutter finger include the display of the above Phantom in all its anti-blingerific glory, before it left the Rinspeed crew for a customer somewhere in the Middle East.

The Sbarro Turbo S 20 was another example using the dull hues to good effect and coupled with the blown powertrain from a Porsche 928, it had the oomph to match its understated exterior.

Also on hand was a tuned Mustang GT in the aftermarket showcase area, which we caught on our way out the door on Wednesday. There was no one on hand to answer any questions, but the faux rivets, flanking the hood, roof and trunk were enough to garner a few chuckles as we departed.

Check the gallery for more images of all things matte and we'd encourage you to sound off in comments about the anti-buff trend.
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