Audi TT in Gulf Oil livery even more beautiful

Until today, I personally thought Audi's first generation TT looked better than the latest design. It was simpler -- more Germanic if that's possible. But dress up one of the new ones in the historic, iconic orange and blue of Gulf Oil and I'm swayed.

Fourtitude has photos of what they say is the personal car of Michael Dick, Audi AG board member in charge of Technical Development. Michael has apparently taken advantage of his position (wouldn't you?) to modify his TT in ways many of us couldn't, such as the car's R8-sourced Recaro seats with matching orange stitching. Like the guys at Fourtitude, we wonder what borrowed, unseen power bits lurk under that baby-blue hood.

Even more beautiful, higher-res pics are available at Fourtitude.

[Source: Fourtitude via German Car Blog]

Update: A few more photos (including the mystery interior shot) available here.

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