Mercedes-Benz rolls out new line of bicycles

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Think that fancy new Mercedes-Benz in the garage with the urea-injected BlueTec diesel isn't green enough yet? Now the gang from Stuttgart is offering another option for you (assuming you still consider breathing to be green). The 2007 Mercedes Bike Collection features mainstream "Fitness" and "Trekking" models and an über-cycle Racing version with a carbon-fiber frame. All models get disk brakes, and the Trekking version also has an automatic halogen headlight powered by a dynamo mounted in the hub. The aluminum-framed Fitness and Trekking models come in three frame sizes and start at $1,300 and $1,700 respectively. The racing bike starts at $5,200. Presumably, they'll also offer a custom-fit rack to go on the back of your big diesel-powered GL320. The complete Mercedes press release is included after the jump.

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Fascinating design and sophisticated technology: The 2007 Mercedes-Benz Bike Collection

Stuttgart, Feb 27, 2007

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH heralds the 2007 season with three new bicycle models. Both the technical and the functional features of the brand-new 'Fitness' and 'Trekking' bikes have been designed to optimally meet the demands of ambitious hobby and leisure cyclists alike. Bold curves set special accents that underline the unique character of the Mercedes-Benz brand, and an ultra lightweight high-end racing bicycle with a carbon frame rounds off the new range of bicycles.

The unmistakable and striking styling of the new 2007 bicycles is the result of close co-operation with the Mercedes-Benz Design Center in Sindelfingen. For the first time, the interplay of bold curves and straight lines grafts the current design language of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars on muscle-powered single-track vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH designed the new bicycles jointly with the German premium bicycle manufacturer ADP Engineering GmbH that produces the renowned 'Rotwild' brand bicycles in as-hand-made quality and guarantees the highest degree of craftsmanship combined with high-level finishing. The engineers aimed to integrate the core values of the Mercedes-Benz brand, i.e. safety and innovation, with the help of equipment features.

Elegant and comfortable: the 2007 'Fitness' bikes

The 'Fitness' bicycles come in two versions, i.e. 'Sport' (for gents) and 'Comfort' (for ladies), and are captivating even at first glance thanks to their original, high-quality aluminium frame and the lightweight magnesium fork with its comfortable 80-millimetre stroke. The fork can be fixed in position in order to minimise tiring strokes whenever necessary as, for instance, during lengthy uphill climbs. The front end, which can be tilted by up to 60 degrees, and the Vario handlebar allow the 'Fitness' bicycles to be adjusted so as to be in complete harmony with body measurements – just like the seat of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. The result: perfect ergonomics and a seating position that is equally comfortable for small and tall cyclists alike.

The reliable and exact Shimano Alivio shifting unit and the hand lever make the bicycles the ideal choice for both lengthy trips and the daily ride to the office. The 24 gears of the new dérailleur ensure the correct pedalling frequency on any terrain.

Disk brakes for maximum safety

The disk brakes with their diameters of 170 millimetres and 160 millimetres in the front and rear, respectively, guarantee optimal deceleration and emphasise the safety focus of the brand with the three-pointed star. Round anti-siphon passages dissipate heat more quickly and, on top of that, present an opportunity to integrate an immobiliser: A special bolt connected to the bicycle is pushed through the passages and locked in place afterwards, thus protecting the bike against its being pushed away and, consequently, against theft. Even though the expressly puristic 'Fitness' bicycle is primarily meant for use in a leisure and sports context, it does come with some extra equipment features that make it fit for every-day use, such as a side stand and LED safety lights, a high-tech light source that despite its low weight and small size ensures that cyclists are well visible even at night.

Mercedes-Benz 'Fitness' bicycles are available in three frame sizes of 45, 48 and 51 centimetres. The 'Sport' and 'Comfort' model versions have identical equipment features, their frame geometries being the only difference between them. They come with a price tag of 990 Euro.

Exclusively equipped: the 2007 'Trekking' bikes

Their exclusive equipment features and additional add-ons make the new 'Sport' and 'Comfort' trekking bicycles perfectly suited for cycling on regular roads and for trekking tours alike. Take the lights, for instance, with their highly sophisticated technology: a sensor automatically activates the halogen lamp system, while a parking-light function once again enhances safety when stopping at traffic lights at night. A smooth, quiet dynamo at the hub supplies the necessary electrical power.

The extremely robust aluminium carrier offers ample space for trip luggage or a sports bag. With its load-bearing capacity of up to 25 kilograms, this high-strength carrier system beats any conventional system. The range of accessories includes a made-to-fit carrier bag that can be attached by way of a precisely fitting quick snap-on system which prevents it from sliding or falling off. The trekking bikes are also available in three different frame sizes of 45, 48 and 51 centimetres and two versions, i.e. 'Sport' (for gents) and 'Comfort' (for ladies). They cost 1,290 Euro each.

2007 racing machine: the high-end carbon bicycle

The new carbon racing bike rounds off the 2007 Bike Collection at the high end. Its uncompromising lightweight construction and the exclusive high-end components supplied by the Italian premium manufacturer Campangolo ensure that the attractiveness of the Mercedes-Benz racing bike captivates both aficionados and seasoned cycling professionals alike. The innovative carbon-fibre frame, which forms the very core of this impressive racing machine, is made according to the tube-to-tube production method. This ultimate state-of the-art production method for carbon frames involves the joining of frame parts in a section-by-section process. The lightweight bicycle weighs no more than seven kilograms in total; the price tag on this thorough-bred sports machine displays 3,990 Euro.

Convenient and with a personal note: the comprehensive range of bicycle accessories

The exclusive range of accessories available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH offers many ways to adapt the bicycles to customers' individual demands and special requirements, down to the minutest detail. For instance, the modern bicycle computer with its twelve functions fits all Mercedes-Benz bicycles and provides the cyclist with all the important data, be it current or average speeds, trip mileage or time spent travelling. The handy carrier bag is made from robust nylon and has a total storage capacity of seven litres divided over one master compartment and two smaller sections. A Teflon coating protects the contents against moisture and dirt. The intelligent transport system with its patented 'QuickTrack'® snap-on lock ensures that the made-to-fit piece of luggage is safely kept in place and easy to mount to and remove from the carrier: all it takes is to have it lock into the holding plate. It is released by pushing the release button, just like on a seat belt.

If the worst comes to the worst, the ultra lightweight mini toolkit comes in handy. It allows cyclists to execute the most important repairs themselves while on tour. Whether one needs a spoke wrench or a chain riveter – the 182-gram kit in its neoprene bag holds a total of 18 tools. The easy-to-handle mini pump ensures that pressure remains optimal even during longer trips. The 26-centimetre power pack can yield up to 12 bar and fits into almost any type of luggage, or it can be mounted to the wheel with the help of handy holders. A knapsack for drinks and a FirstAid kit complete the range of bicycle-trip accessories.

Unprecedented: brand-typical bike wear

For the very first time, the Mercedes-Benz Bike Collection features a range of clothes that includes jerseys and pants for ladies and gents as well as bicycle glasses and helmets. With its high degree of functionality and the brand-typical elegance, the modern outfit invariably makes for a grand presence. What is more, the ergonomic design also meets the demands of cyclists with a focus on comfort and safety.

The helmets offer maximum protection and combine good looks with the highest wear comfort. 19 vents ensure that cyclists keep cool in any situation. Two LEDs and additional reflectors enhance safety at night: thanks to a convenient plug-in system, the light-emitting diodes easily slide onto the helmet; a white or red light, respectively, indicates whether a cyclist is approaching or departing.

Last but not least, the particularly compact folding lock is a great anti-theft device. Thanks to an intelligent system of joints, the 75-centimetre anti-theft protection feature folds down to the size of a mobile phone.

All prices quoted apply in Germany and include 19 percent VAT. The 2007 Bike Collection will be available from Mercedes-Benz sales partners as of May.

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