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Bikes sales surge to coronavirus-hit Americans wary of public transit

Some see it as an adjustment to living with the virus longterm

Watch downhill bike racers on a glacier create a human avalanche

No one was seriously injured, but it hurts just looking at it

Two Wheels
Harley-Davidson bicycle is from the early 20th century – or at least it looks that way.

Yes, H-D used to make bicycles. Yes, you can have one.

Yes, H-D used to make bicycles. Yes, you can have one.

Autoblog welcomes Mark Prommel to the UPSHIFT2016 lineup

The designer has worked on solar charging stations and urban bike projects.

Ready to go somewhere new?

NY legislator says 'No one should ever ride a bicycle or motorcycle'

Bikes, whether powered by gas or pedals, remain a complicated issue on our country's roadways. For many motorists, two-wheelers can be a nuisance, whether it be a cyclist holding up traffic on a two-lane road or a motorcyclist weaving between cars, while two-wheeled enthusiasts believe (some would say correctly) that they have as much reason and right to be on the road as automobiles.

Wisconsin town considering limits on walking, biking

In most areas of the U.S., the bicycle riders follow a simple mantra: "Same roads, same rules, same responsibilities." A dust-up in the town of Hull, WI shows that not everyone agrees that cars and pedal-powered two wheelers should share the pavement.

BERU Factor 001: Formula 1 engineers create a bicycle

Ever wonder what F1 engineers could make if they didn't have to comply with the regulations governing the sport? Well, here you just might have your answer. Only it's not a car, it's a bicycle.

Chicago 2010: The greenest vehicles at the auto show?

Greenest vehicles in Chicago – Click above for high-res image gallery

Bikes vs. cars race ends in decisive two-wheeled victory

What does it take to beat a Zenn electric car and a Toyota Prius in cross-town driving? A pair of wheels and some leg-power. In the sixth annual Commuter Race in San Jose, California, all the bikes - a standard bike, a tandem and a hybrid bike - beat the two cars in a treasure hunt-style race through town. The riders and drivers were asked to perform a few tasks (get a pastry at one shop, an apple at another), and see who could make it to the finish line first. The event took place Tuesday and t

Maserati goes green with a carbon-fiber two wheeler

Maserati hasn't expressed much interest in improving the fuel economy of its road cars, although that will undoubtedly come in the next few years. In the meantime, those with a hankering for a Maserati-badged vehicle but without the budget for one have a new option. Italian bicycle manufacturer Milani is teaming up with Maserati to produce some high end two-wheelers. The bikes are made of a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel and will be offered in touring or racing styles.

Yamaha Japan introduces three electric bikes: $1,200 for a 42 mile range

Yamaha. I hear the name and hope the news is about zippy electric scooters. The truth is, though, that the Japanese manufacturer also builds bicycles, and some of these bicycles have electric motors to assist the person pushing the pedals. This month, the company is releasing three new models, each using 25V / 4 Ah Lithium batteries: the PAS Lithium S (pictured above), the PAS CITY-S and the PAS CITY-F. Priced at $1,200 in Japan, the only difference between the three models is their wheel sizes

As gas prices keep climbing, people choosing to get their bikes fixed

With Gasoline prices at record high levels, more drivers than ever are trying to unload their SUVs and get into vehicles that don't consume as much fuel. Some are moving to smaller more efficient cars, while others are hopping on public transit. Still others are opting for pedal power. Barry Dahl of Bismark ND seems to have picked a most opportune time to open his new bike shop. He sold more than fifty bikes in his first month in business. Bike shops all over the country are having record sales

Mercedes-Benz rolls out new line of bicycles

Click on the photo for a gallery of high-res shots of the new Mercedes bikes

Mercedes-Benz updates their pedal power lineup

Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the new Mercedes bikes

Turn your used-up bicycles into furniture!

I must be honest here... I did not know that there was a market for recycled bike parts turned furniture, but apparently there is. From their site, "Welcome to Bike Furniture Design, the preeminent designer and producer of fine, hand-crafted, contemporary / modern furniture made from recycled and reused bicycles since 1990."

Studs on bikes

In the not-too-distant future those of us in more northern climes will be back into the cold heart of winter. If you have ever driven a car in the winter with studded tires you will know that there is just no substitute. All-season tires can't compete with regular snow tires, and regular snow tires can't hold a candle to studs.

Scooter and bike sales going gangbusters

One of the options for saving fuel does not involve spending lots of money on hybrid vehicles, or brewing your own biodiesel in your garage. Using a bike is clearly going to save a ton of fuel, but even a scooter will put a good dent in your gas bill. The Utah News reports motorcycle, scooter and bicycle shops are seeing a rise in sales. Consumers are turning to scooters and motorcycles that get 50 to 110 miles per gallon, or