Write-Hand Drive: Bentley diamond jubilee pens by Tibaldi

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its legendary Crewe factory, Bentley unveiled the Diamond Series special editions of the Continental GT coupe and Arnage R sedan, of which only 60 and 400 examples were made available, respectively. (As if an "ordinary" Bentley weren't exclusive enough.) Clearly purchasing one of these choice motors would be an event unto itself, so you wouldn't go ascribing your name to the paperwork with just any old Bic pen, now would you?

Of course not. That's why Bentley has teamed up with Tibaldi, purveyors of bespoke Italian writing instruments, to offer a special series of pens to commemorate Crewe's diamond jubilee. The design emulates the unique styling cues of the Diamond Edition Bentley motors, with a machine-turned metal finish and knurled rings for secure grip. The nibs are crafted from solid 18-carat yellow gold, plated in rhodium and ruthenium. Each pen comes in a suitably unique box of diamond-quartered English oak, as applied to the interior trim of the Arnage Diamond Series, judiciously lacquered and inlaid with the Bentley logo.

To match the exclusivity of their corresponding automobiles, these choice writing instruments are only offered in limited quantities: 400 silver fountain pens, 200 silver roller-ball pens, 40 solid white gold fountain pens and 20 solid white gold roller-ball pens. If you've gotten this far, you're probably shaking at the prospect of the suggested retail price. (As for us, we don't know, and we're not asking.)

[Source: Tibaldi via Luxist]

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