Toro to introduce environment-friendly biodiesel-powered mowers and a hydrogen fuel cell utility vehicle

Toro's a little late to the biodiesel-in-your-lawnmower game (see all sorts of previous stores in the related links below), but now that they're involved, they're not kidding around. This week, the company introduced two dozen B20-friendly ground equipment models this week at the Golf Industry Show in Anaheim, California. Toro will also start selling June new diesel-to-biodiesel conversion kits that cost between $30 and $500 (I'l admit, I'm not sure what these kits are all about). Steve Wood, Toro's biodiesel project manager, said B100 Toro models might be ready by 2009. Toro sells its ground equipment to companies that maintain many NFL, baseball, and college fields and, since 1998, has provided Walt Disney World's turf maintenance equipment.

Toro also displayed a hydrogen fuel cell prototype vehicle, the result of about $380,000 worth of fuel cell research. Toro will work with the state of New York to test these hydrogen prototypes, giving three vehicles to the Niagara Falls State Park Department by the middle of this year.

[Source: Dee DePass McClatchy Newspapers / Fuel Cell Works]

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