Non-polluting DIY lawnmower runs on solar power

Granted, this has little if anything to do with automobiles, but I thought that our readers might enjoy the story anyway. We have covered solar cars and cars with solar assisted charging before, so it's close enough in my book! So, without further ado, here is the link that explains how one man made his own solar-charged electric lawnmower. Truth be told, I have an electric lawnmower already. I can't stand the cord and would have gotten a gasoline powered mower years ago if my yard were any larger than it is. I have looked at the electric mowers in the past, but would be forced to order one online, as no local stores carry any. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to convince my wife that I could replace the AC motor in our mower with a DC motor and run it on battery power... now I can show her a real-life example of how somebody even cooler than myself beat me to the punch. By the way, she was aware that she was marrying a geek when she said "I do".

[Source: Appropedia via]

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