GM launches Cadillac Drivers' Blog

Believe it or not, we're actually impressed with General Motors for diving head first into the choppy waters of blogging. The GM FastLane blog, for instance, is used on a regular basis by top-level execs, including the always interesting orator Bob Lutz, to inform, correct and promote GM's wares to the online community.
Recently a new blog was launched by the General called the Cadillac Drivers' Blog. We've gone through all the posts that have been published since the site quietly went live on January 31st, and they're an interesting read from the perspective of Cadillac engineers charged with testing the luxury marque's prototypes out on the open road.

The inspiration for the site appears to have come from the very spy photographers these engineers are tasked with avoiding at all costs. The lengths to which spy photogs will go to catch a glimpse of what these engineers are doing made them think, "Why not let people see a bit more of what we're doing?" Why not indeed. Currently the posts focus on testing for the 2008 Cadillac CTS, both in the suffocating heat of Death Valley and the arctic cold of Michigan's upper peninsula and the Kinross facility in northern Sweden. Who knows why the Cadillac Drivers' Blog was launched, but credit must be given to the engineers who author it who seem to enjoy escorting us readers into their world.

[Source: Cadillac Drivers' Blog]

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