What's in a name? "Hemisfear" becomes Foose Coupe as production nears

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When we saw this car at SEMA, it wore the Hemisfear moniker. But something happened on the way to (limited) production. Rumor has it Chrysler balked at the use of "HEMI" in the name, and so the Foose Coupe was born. Still available with a 392 crate motor, the Coupe can also be had with a Ford 5.4-liter supercharged engine like the one in the late GT. Foose describes his coupe as "Part supercar, part custom, part hot rod, it's the ultimate ride." Well, there will certainly be at least 50 people who think so. The Foose Coupe will be limited to just 50 copies and each will be hand signed by Chip when construction is completed at Metalcrafters, Inc. in their California facilities. We expect them to go quickly, despite their $295,000 base price.

[Source: Unique Performance via Fast-Autos.net]

The FC weighs just 2,700 pounds, and with your choice of a 6.4-liter Hemi or 5.4-liter supercharged Ford for motivation, the power to weight ratio will be down in the McLaren F1 range at 3.9 pounds per horsepower. Although it is obviously a minimalistic vehicle, weight is kept even lower with a body of autoclaved carbon fiber, just like on a Formula One car. The suspension resembles an Indy car, with upper and lower A-arms all around, and pushrod-activated coil springs. Whichever power plant you choose, you'll get it matched to a ZF five-speed manual transaxle like the one in a BMW M1 or De Tomaso Pantera. Their comparison, not ours. And perhaps that shows how this car should be viewed, less as a hot rod and more as a sportscar. It's kind of a shame Chrysler didn't get more involved. We could see this as a replacement for the Prowler, with performance that would actually match its killer good looks for a change.


Part supercar , part custom, part hot rod, it's the ultimate ride. Chip Foose's incredible Foose Coupe that debuted at SEMA 2006 has become a new signature series, limited edition vehicle available through Unique Performance. Only 50 of these will be offered to the public. The open wheeled hot rod-esque car is a piece of rolling art that is as powerful as it is distinctive. The car blends elements of a '33 Ford coupe and the legendary '70 'Cuda, as well as other classic cars into a design that is pure Foose. Weighing a scant 2,300 pounds and powered by your choice of a 6.4-liter Hemi or 5.4 liter Ford Supercharged engine, the Foose Coupe has a super car weight to horsepower ratio of 3.9 pounds per horsepower. To put that in perspective, most "exotics" have a ratio of somewhere near 6 pounds per horsepower. This light weight comes from a body made of carbon fiber, and not just carbon fiber laid up like fiberglass. The sexy hot rod uses the same carbon fiber that's baked in an autoclave to make it as strong and light as a Formula One car. As expected of a Foose project, engineering details are meticulous on every component of Foose Coupe. John Hotchkis helped design the Indy-car-like suspension, with upper and lower A-arms and pushrod- activated coil springs. The Hemi motor is coupled to a ZF five-speed manual transaxle similar to that used in a BMW M1 or De Tomaso Pantera, but flipped around to route power to the rear wheels.

Each Foose Coupe will be manufactured at Metalcrafters,Inc., a California based company that is responsible for some of the most exciting limited edition and concept vehicles in the world. From the shifter knobs, pedals, gauges, everything on, in and inside the Foose Coupe are unique. "The craftsmanship of this Foose car will be simply amazing," explains Douglas Hasty, President and CEO of Unique Performance. "As seen on the first concept cars, every seam and surface will be perfect. From the gas-tank welds to the frame and wiring running through the frame rails, each piece of the vehicle will be a work of art. Even the little dots around the edges of the glass, which are usually just dots, will be the same shape as the Foose logo. It is as impressive and well built as any of Chip's Ridler award-winning rods. Foose Coupe redefines what people will think that hot rods, muscle cars and the high-tech limited-production supercars should be."

Each vehicle will be signed by Chip, numbered and documented in a forthcoming Foose Registry.

  • Design:Stylized and Conceived by Chip Foose
  • Builder: Metalcrafters, Inc.
  • Vehicle Type: Limited Edition, Mid-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, 2 Passenger, 2 Door Coupe
  • Engine: 6.4 L (392 cu.in.) Mopar Hemi V-8, Iron Block, Aluminum Heads or 5.4 L DOHC, 32-Valve, 90-Degree V-8, Ford GT Aluminum Heads
  • Fuel Delivery System: Individual Hilborn Throttle Bodies with Velocity Stack Air Intakes (8), AEM Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Transmission: ZF 5-Speed Manual Transaxle
  • Body and Chassis: Carbon Fiber Monocoque Cabin on Modular Steel Space Frame
  • Suspension: Front: Independent, Unequal Length Control Arms by Hotchkis, Inboard-mounted Koni Coilover Sho ck Absorbers Actuated by Rocker Arms. Rear: Independent, Unequal Length Control Arms by Hotchkis, Koni Coilover Shock Absorbers
  • Brakes: 6-piston Baer Monoblock Calipers, 14" Cross-drilled and Vented Rotors, Tilton Series 75 Master Cylinder
  • Steering: Woodward Rack and Pinion
  • Tires/Wheels: Front: 225/40 ZR 18 Pirelli PZero on 20 x8 Foose Polished, Rear: 315/35 ZR 20 Pirelli PZero on 20 x12 Foose Polished
  • General Data: Weight: 2775 lbs, Overall Length: 163.89", Overall Width: 91.50", Overall Height: 45.39", Wheelbase: 120", Track: 60.94" (Front), 65.51" (Rear)

Major Standard Accessories: Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Door Locks with Remote, Illuminated Push Button Start, Tilt Steering Column, Billet Steering Wheel, Billet Pedals, Exposed Carbon Fiber Interior Trim (optional), Leather Seats and Interior surfaces, Under-hood storage, Retractable Door and Rear Quarter Glass, Glass Roof (optional), Hidden Exterior Door Release, LED Exterior Lighting, Pistol Grip Shifter, Side View Mirror-mounted Turn Signals.

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