UAW has no opinion on possible GM/Chrysler deal

When asked about the possible GM/Chrysler buyout deal, Ron Gettelfinger, the head of the United Auto Workers Union said, "I have absolutely no opinion on that at all." Really?! No opinion?! No comment, we could understand. But no OPINION? This could be one of the most significant moves in the future of your organization and the U.S. auto industry in general. And you have no opinion? That seems odd to say the least. In his defense, perhaps Gettelfinger just didn't have the desire to SHARE his opinion, especially not during an interview on Detroit radio station WJR.
The UAW, and its position on a possible acquisition of the Chrysler group by GM has been widely cited as a major roadblock in the process. Besides being the head of the UAW, Gettelfinger also has a seat on the supervisory board of DaimlerChrysler. He did say that rumors of the possible sale surprised the hourly workers who were just expecting to hear details of Chrysler's cost-cutting plan.

Gettelfinger also addressed Ford wanting special concessions in its upcoming summer contract talks by saying, "They just went through this huge financing. They've got a ton of cash. They've got great leadership at the top of that company," "They've made some tough decisions but so have we. That company is in great shape." We're not sure what websites Mr. Gettelfinger is reading, but we've yet to find one describing Ford as being in "great shape".

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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