Outlaw biker on Yamaha R1 posts video on YouTube and gets busted

Have you ever typed "turbo hayabusa" into YouTube? If so, then you have undoubtedly seen some of the most insane speed in the world. We are not against motorcycles or riding them fast, but we are against doing it illegally on public streets.

This is exactly what Jeremy Parrott from Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset U.K. did. Not only that, he taped himself doing it on his Yamaha R1 and uploaded the video to YouTube. He also neglected to mask his identity, as he started filming as he left his own home. The video in question showed Jeremy doing 100mph on public roads while passing other drivers, including in front of a school. It even showed him doing a few high-speed wheelies.

Jeremy was caught by a person he passed while filming -- a person who also watches videos online and recognized the action! The driver in question posted this message on YouTube, "Unfortunately I am one of the cars he passed that day doing a phenomenal speed and pulling a wheelie. I didn't see him until he was by my side, he was very close as well and the slightest drift to the right on my part and it could have been a bit rough." The video was forwarded to the police and is now on file as evidence.

What's the moral of the story? If you're going to post footage of yourself breaking the law, make sure your home address is not included. No, that's not it. How about this: Don't ride 100 mph on the street in the first place. Take it to a trackday -- it's legal.

[Source: The Mirror]

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