New York State moves to ban spinner wheels

Just as spinner wheels start to come off customized cars, the New York State Senate Transportation Committee has decided that it is time to ban them. It's difficult to understand why the bill is gaining traction with no known associated risks to drivers. It's not like cars are slamming into one another because awe-struck onlookers are failing to pay attention to intersections while the Escalade's 24's go round and round. This screams of hypocrisy. You can get hubcaps with advertisements on them. Talk about distracting! What about those naked lady mud flaps on all those big rigs? A couple of times I've seen pickup trucks with male body parts dangling from the rear bumper. I wonder how many people have rear-ended someone while trying to read the latest 'my kid beat up your honor roll student' bumper sticker. The list goes on.

SEMA is stepping up to defend the rights of customizers everywhere by lending its powerful voice in opposition to Bill 1640, which calls for fines of $750 for the the third violation and beyond. In the annals of automotive history, this bill could never be the reason for the demise of the spinner wheel. That decisive blow came when the first set of K-Mart spinner hubcaps when on sale.

[Source: Winding Road]

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