On the upside, it's likely totalled

This winter continues to take a toll. Tribalwar member "dweeb" (no comments necessary, his name speaks for itself) has had his Honda involuntarily transformed into a quiescently frozen confection. Apparently, a water main burst in dweeb's Columbus, Ohio neighborhood, sending many gallons of water flooding into his grapeity purple econobox.

Follow the jump for the full story and several more pictures.

[Source: tribalwar]

Upset, and still attached to his clearly distressed and sinking vehicle, dweeb was beside himself. Cars kept driving by and splashing more water on the poor little car. The main was fixed, and failed again. It then occurred to dweeb to take pictures of the horrors unfolding in front of him. He wanted to document the damage being perpetrated on his innocent car in case he needed to file insurance claims or go toe to toe with the city.

Acting on possibly dubious advice to plug the exhaust and run the engine (kind of a self-negating practice -- the engine doesn't like to run too long with no way for exhaust to escape -- not to mention the CO seepage that's a much bigger danger), dweeb was dutifully making regular visits to his car, where water had invaded the footwells. The cherry on top of this sundae (eh... looks more like Italian Ice) is what happened next. Keys in. Switch on. Dweeb out. Door locked. Like we said, the bright spot here is that he'll likely be getting some kind of insurance check. We certainly wouldn't want the car back. We can only imagine how fetid it'd be after sitting in a parking lot in the summer. It'll take this thing 'til the spring to thaw.

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