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Cabin fever put to creative use.

Is it a Supra or a DeLorean? Or something different entirely?


The average cost to repair a vehicle damaged by de-icers is $490.

AAA has some simple advice to help prevent rust damage.

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Another tale of the cold, long arm of the law.

A television reporter in Boise, Idaho sat in a cold car and recorded a story to show that a cold car is just as dangerous as a hot car.

The northern states can experience up to six months of frosty weather.

Driving in the snow can be a little unnerving at times.

A telltale sign that winter has arrived is when your car windows are completely frosted over.

Driving a vehicle in the winter can be a harrowing experience regardless of whether you have a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive vehicle.

It’s no secret that ice is not fun to drive on.

Preparing your car for winter driving conditions is extremely important no matter where you live.

If you are from an area with consistently inclement weather, you’ll know the hardships of driving in the winter.

Driving during extreme weather conditions brings its own challenges.

Remember the Slip ‘N Slide from childhood? They were those 16-foot long sheets of wet plastic that allowed you to gather up a full head of steam, flop on your belly, and slide with reckless abandon to a (sometimes) dangerous stop.

As the leaves start to turn, those who live in cold weather states know it’s time to prepare for winter.

Cold temperatures and winter weather cause many issues with vehicles.

Your car uses coolant for a number of purposes.

Your car needs special care and attention during the cold months.

Cold winter mornings are one of the worst times to have problems getting your car started.

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