Automotive News insists GM and DCX talking buyout

Automotive News has filed yet another report that insists DaimlerChrysler is in talks with General Motors about the latter purchasing the Chrysler Group. This time the trade pub claims that sources from Germany, where the rumor originated, and the United States have confirmed that GM is interested in picking up the struggling U.S. division of DCX. The New York Times has already confirmed from inside sources that the two companies are talking, but the topic of conversation is sharing the GMT900 full-size SUV platform.

We've already talked about why GM purchasing the Chrysler Group would be the biggest bone-head move of all time. To recap, the two automakers have many products that compete directly with each other, the Chrysler Group's product portfolio is farther behind GM's with less to be optimistic about in the pipeline, the last thing GM needs is more production capacity in the U.S., and absorbing legacy costs and additional UAW workers would be a nightmare. As a point of fact, automakers talk to each other all the time. It's time media outlets quit screaming "Buy out!" every time Rick Wagoner says hello to someone.

[Source: Automotive News]

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