Biodiesel is good for farmers, the environment and ... spam?

You get spam, right? Who doesn't. And, if there's anything good about spam emails, it's the humor value. I like the complete absurdity of some of the subject lines, begging you to click on the email. I get hundreds every day, but I can't just let the spam filter take care of them because at least once a week an important email gets shunted into the spam folder and I would miss it if I didn't scan that folder every day.
Today I got a bit of spam with the subject "Bio Fuel." Hmmm, I thought, that might be ABG-related, and clicked on it. I knew right away that it wasn't a news tip or someone trying to contact me about this blog because, for one thing, my "name" in the header was McHard. You may never use that name to address me, K?

I've included the text of the email behind the jump. It's not for male enhancement or replica watches or "Current Mrtge qualified for refinancing." It's actually about biodiesel, and that's a weird thing for spam, don't you think? Or, if you want, send me an email, and I'll forward it to you.

[Source: Some annoying person with low morals]

UPDATE: It's a trend. I just got a second copy of the email, this time addressed to "Cartret."
To find the hidden treasures one should look in further then the Mid
Cap Reporter......

Search the net and see what you get....I know you'll be happy ....

Practical Alternative for Marine Market

Biodiesel use in the marine market can be practical and safe. In its pure =
form, biodiesel is less harsh on marine environments and easier for =
boaters to handle and store. The marine industry consumes about 10 percent =
of the petroleum diesel in the U.S.

Biodiesel can work in several marine factions. Because biodiesel can =
replace or blend with petroleum diesel without engine modifications, it is =
a viable alternative to several categories of the marine industry, =
including: recreational boats, inland commercial and ocean-going =
commercial ships, research vessels and the U.S. Coast Guard Fleet. Today, =
much of the emphasis is on recreational boats, which consume about 95 =
million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

Biodiesel is a safe alternative fuel. Biodiesel has a higher flash point =
than regular diesel. It is classified as non-flammable by the NFPA, and =
is not required to carry a Hazardous Material label when being shipped.

Biodiesel is easier on engines. Biodiesel blended as low as a 2% rate with =
low sulfer or ultra-low sulfer petroleum diesel increases lubricity to =
traditional high sulfur diesel fuel levels. Field tests indicate that =
engine life is increased with biodiesel usage.

Biodiesel is "user-friendly." The use of biodiesel and biodiesel blends =
results in a noticeable change in exhaust odor. The reduction in smell and =
change of odor are easier on ship workers and pleasure craft boaters. In =
fact, it's been compared to the smell of French fries. Users also report =
no eye irritation. Since biodiesel is oxygenated, diesel engines have more =
complete combustion than when using petroleum fuel.

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